10 productivity tools & hacks for entrepreneurs

Plan out your tasks

  1. Use Basecamp, or Asana (free) to plan out all the tasks in your company. These tools will allow you to delegate tasks to other people that may be better suited to the task, and allows you to easily manage your team.


  1. Use Evernote to map out the tasks you NEED to do. This should not be more than 10-20 tasks a day. You only NEED to do the tasks that require the most thinking and strategy, all repetitive grunt work can and should be outsourced.



  1. Delegate all repetitive grunt work tasks to freelance contractors. Check out Freelancer, Odesk,  and Fiverr. You can hire freelancers for less than $4 an hour for almost anything; accounting, design, programming, data entry.


Pro tip: To find the most qualified freelancers type the names of top universities in various developing countries into the search box. E.g University of Philippines, Beijing University.

  1.  Use Jing – an app for taking short videos of your screen, it makes it easy to train and communicate with your team.



Start working!

  1. Use Focusalot to track your productivity. According to a survey of 38,000 people by Microsoft. The average worker wastes more than 17 hours in a 45 hour work week. Focusalot is a simple time tracker that measures the hours where you’re actually getting stuff done, so you have a benchmark which you can focus on improving.


  1. Use Rescue Time to identify where you are wasting your time. Rescue Time measures how much time you spend on websites and applications. It will tell you how many hours you’ve been on Facebook, Twitter or email.


Remove distractions

  1. SelfControl (mac only) is an app which blocks websites for a selected period of time. Once a website is blocked, you can not unblock it until the time limit is up. If you’re a windows user you can also block websites using the “get focused option” in the premium version of Rescue Time.


  1. Use Inbox Zero to manage your email. Inbox Zero is a series of articles and a speech at Google that covers the skills, tools, and atti­tudes that can help you better manage your email.

Keep your brain healthy

  1. Drink green vegetable juice, preferably with 3 or more green vegetables. It will get you as high as coffee, and the high is cleaner and lasts longer. Check out 150 healthiest foods.


  1. Practice concentration meditation for 10 minutes each morning. Just sit down and focus on your breathing for 10 minutes each morning. This helps train your brain to focus more easily on what ever you choose to focus on. Check out calm.com for some guided meditation courses.

You can visit Productive Superdad’s article: Work Smarter Not Harder to get more productivity tips.


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